Alone at Christmas

Ok so why am I talking about Christmas in July? Why not? One Christmas morning I woke up to find myself alone. At first I didn't believe it. It's like if you win the lottery you don't believe it. I wanted to open the window and shout Merry Christmas (like in the movie Scrooge) then someone outside would shout ahh shut up. However the windows where frozen shut. There where presents for me under the tree. A warm flannel housecoat for those cold winter nights, some imported coffee, some biscuits from England, a cake from Germany, some bath salts and a book by John Grisham. Now of course I wanted to just lie in bed drink my coffee, eat my biscuits, and read. However I have this day so I am not going to waste it. I packed up the bath salts , the German cake, the British biscuits and the coffee in a bag.  The buses run but not so fast . I took the bus down town to the homeless shelter. I asked the lady if I could volunteer. She handed my a potato peeler and directed me to a huge pile of potatoes. They would be cooked in a huge pot. Soon the homeless people began to line up for the Christmas dinner . After everyone was fed I got to have some myself. I gave my bath salts to a lady, my coffee to a man, the German cake to someone else and the British biscuits to yet another person. Everyone shared. On my way home from the shelter it occurred to me how lucky I really am  I have a home to go too, I get enough to eat (while most times) and the very best of all I get to be alone at Christmas.

Please feel free to email me your Christmas stories.