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Thank you for putting my postcard of Manchester England on your website it looks really good.
How are you doing these days everything OK I hope?
Here's a big kiss from me :-{} and more XXXX
Take care, Dave.

thanks Dave

ok I erased all the comments and I am starting over. Remember these are comments send to me by my visitors via email. They may or may not reflect my own opinions. Anything stated as true fact may or may not actually be true.

please send in your comments. Please keep comments brief I won't publish email addresses and will beep out swear words.  put comments in the subject line

Did you ever notice that the guy who plays Schmidt in About Schmidt looks a lot like Hannibal Lector? 

I believe it Sir Anthony Hopkins who plays Lector and Jack Nicholson who plays Schmidt but yes you have a point they do look a lot alike.

Someone visited my site yesterday and asked me If I want to VE with them . What does that mean? Would you recommend I do this (whatever it is)?


For people involved in web site competition ve means vote exchange. You vote for someone and in turn they vote for you. Some competitions do not allow ve.  There are pitfalls like when you vote for them and they don't vote for you .

how do you make the German letters I assume you don't have them on your key board.

like this

is alt + 132

is alt + 148

is alt + 129

is alt + 225

is alt + 142

I think your German is very funny , We like to have a good laugh.  I want to ask is your friend Wolfgang imaginary or is he conceited or maybe he is both. When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend His name was Brian.  He did a lot of really bad stuff and I'd get in trouble for it I use to hate that. Brian was pretty conceited.

I have always had a fascination with Canada. I think I would like to try being a Canadian for awhile.  I speak pretty good Canadian English eh . I can't speak French though.  I work in the auto industry and I play some pretty good hockey.  I think I could handle all the snow and ice.  Hey you seem to have a fascination with Germany, so how would you like to try being a German for awhile.  You can take my apartment when I vacate it.  I don't think you can make cars but maybe you can get a job in the tourist industry be one of them guides on the English speaking tourist buses.  Your hero Mr. Schroeder will ship you back after about 3 months but by then you'll be sick of being a German anyway.

you sound like a pretty good Canadian to me as long as you can play hockey, you'll get along fine.  Our government will probably ship you back too but not until you've made us some BMW's and some Audis and stuff.  I can't speak French either.

Aren't most of you Canadians bi lingual ( English and French) ?

no we all pretty much speak one or the other ( we have too) but most I think  don 't speak both.  According to one census book 35% of us are English /French bi lingual. Many of us are bi lingual English Chinese or English Italian. It depends where you live French is very popular in Quebec of course.  Most Quebecers are bi-lingual.

I have heard that  you Canadians have weapons of mass destruction.  How long before the American bombs start dropping and the troops start marching in.  I am a Dutch man so I can speak from experience. It wasn't long ago your friends the Germans invaded my beautiful country.  Is God Bless America English for Deutschland Deutschland Ueber alles. 

I have a newsflash for you. Gerhard Schroeder really sucks.

I voted for you because you a fellow Canadian but that background has got to go.

Thanks for the vote. ( I can use all the votes I can get) and thanks for the comments. I agree the background needs to be changed.