Yes I know depression can be a serious mental illness caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain or genetics. Also some people just have a bad attitude and negative thoughts. This is  not what I am talking about to day.

Depression can be caused by 2 main factors

1.Your Family 2. your job.

Family caused depression. Does your mother call you fat, lazy, ugly stupid. Does she say you will never amount to any thing. Does she say you are just like uncle Bob who is a drunk . Does she compare you negatively to brothers and sisters. Why can't you be like your brother or sister. Does she talk about you in front of company. Does she remember things you did years ago. Does she accuse you of things you never did. Of course you can substitute mother for father brother sister husband etc. She embarrasses and humiliates you in front of teachers etc. Some times a husband will control money leaving you poor. Sometimes its not just one member of a family. This can cause depression. That awful feeling when you just don't want to get out of bed. Sometimes you may not get help. They will just call you lazy. If you do get taken to a doctor. they will tell you to adjust your attitude or put you on some drugs. Some of these drugs make you feel dopey and groggy or can be downright dangerous. Many internet doctors sites are sponsored by drug companies. So of course they will offer this or that drug as the solution to your problems.

Work causes depression Do you ever stop to think how much you job holds over you? Your medical insurance, rent, food, bills, well just about everything. You can not quit your job it is just not an option. Many jobs really suck. Mental and physical are closely related. Do your hands hurt from constant repetitive motion. i am not talking about being on the computer good gosh no. You stand in one place on a concrete floor and and do the same thing over and over and over. Do you walk non stop all day. Do you lift and carry heavy things. Do you lift heavy boxes from up above. I know you are suppose to lift with you knees but your knees snap and crackle and hurt. Bosses yell at you and talk disrespectfully. Your boss called you a moron yesterday. Your boss puts unrealistic demands on you ,you must do 1000 per hour which is nearly impossible. They count and graph how much you do and even post it on the wall for all to see. This causes you to compete with others. Look how much so and so does. Sometimes they give you a little and take it away again. For example a bonus that is so low its laughable. Then they take it away. There is never soap in the bathroom , the toilet is stuffed up All of these things tell you just how much the company thinks of its employees. One day you find you just can't get up in the morning. Why not add some insult to injury. Your newsletter says if you are depressed you should change your attitude. or seek medical attention. etc.

Your family and your job are a huge part of your life some people go from a bad job to a bad family.

Some suggestions which may or may not work for you. Don't drink or smoke, cut down on the coffee. If you see a co worker being treated bad remember it could be you so. Be nice to them ,talk to them respectfully. take an interest it what they are doing.etc. Help co-workers out. You may find co workers being nice to you and helping you out. Say something nice about co workers. Don't go straight to work or straight home. Have a hobby that is fun. Do things that build you self esteem.