Someone once said all that's needed for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing. Who said that I don't know some German guy. I remember Jeanette from high school. One day she forgot her gym suit and didn't want to change for gym. The teacher gave her another one and told her to change. I was still in the change room. I glanced over at Jeanette. I wish I didn't she was covered with bruises. Easy for me to pretend I just didn't see that. Not quite so easy. All day my conscience bothered me. Finally I said to my friends look shouldn't we do something about Jeanette. What should we do they said? Well maybe we could be a little bit nicer you know. They agreed. So at lunch time I approached Jeannette and asked her if she would like to have lunch with us. " oh, thank you she said but I must study for a chemistry test, it was so nice of you to ask. We asked a few more times and each time she very politely said no. Then we stopped asking. We didn't do enough for Jeannette. Nobody did.

    How many times has someone actually done something. How many German citizens risked their own lives to save friends and neighbors. Lot of them . How many white people stood up and said it is wrong to treat these black people so badly. We must end slavery and they opened their homes at great risk to themselves on the underground railroad. lots of them did. How many people risk their lives to protect beaten women. They stand up and say violence against women is wrong I must do something. How many times do I see the police carting people off to jail from the abortion clinic. All the time. Yet they come back time after time. Have you ever see a gorilla at the zoo. Looks an awful lot like you doesn't he. Should you experiment on him and cut into his brain. I don't think so. Everyday animal right activists break into labs when no one is there to rescue these animals. 

     If the police come to cart your neighbor away to the concentration camp would you turn away and say thank heavens its not me. Next time it very well might be you.

     They don't kill people in Germany anymore. They don't make slaves out of the black people. Women have more rights hopefully the day comes when they don't get beaten. We have gotten rid of a lot of evil because someone did something. We still have more evil to get rid of.

     I know as kid back home we lived in hate with the Germans. They were born in Canada after the war. They didn't kill anyone. We all did what we could to make peace. They were tired of all the hate as well and now we live peacefully together. Isn't that wonderful.

P.s. I admire the Dixie Chicks and Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan who have stood up and said This war is wrong and they have suffered so much as a result. Many people famous and not are doing something about this unjust war.