Counters by Wry/Ravenstar

I don't have enough freedom and I hate that.  I want to say things I can't say, I don't want to say things I must say, I want to do stuff I can't do I don't want to do stuff I have to do.

I like people I am suppose to hate and I hate people I am suppose to like. 

I remember when my son had a Christmas concert every year. Then they added Hanukah

and Kwanzaa. Not only was I not offended but I thought it was great.   Well then they did away with Christmas altogether in favor of Winter Festival. My son wrote a poem Why I Love Christmas. he had to change the offending word Christmas and use winter instead. I have news for you most of us Canadians hate winter . I think it's offensive too. Especially if you must wait at the bus stop when its 40 below and the snow is blowing everywhere . I find this very offensive and not only that but when the road is covered with ice its dangerous too.  So why must I not celebrate something most of us love Christmas and why must we celebrate something most of us hate winter.

Cameras follow you everywhere you go, stores , the train platform most work places have cameras  so they can watch you and make sure you don't steal anything.

We are suppose to hate the Germans. I think our media has a rule that nobody can say anything even remotely nice about them.  Just read some of our fiction. Now I am not saying they didn't do a lot of bad stuff. However many of the Germans born of my generation didn't do any of that stuff. So sometimes I find it hard to really hate someone for stuff that happened before they was even born.

Remember the big deal Clinton lied , He lied about his sex life. Now why is his sex life anyone's business? Now Bush on the other hand lied about those weapons of mass destruction and started a war. Which is worse. I wonder.

Family is just the greatest thing in the whole world. Our government even places life and death decisions in the hands of family. If anybody's going to kill you it would likely be family.  I 'd rather leave my life and death decisions to the Germans. At least they won't tell you how much they love you when they mow you down with a machine gun.

Michael Moore says that the government keeps track of the books one borrows from the library??? what kind of libraries does he have anyway? We certainly don't have books in our library that our government doesn't want us to read.

Just about all of our mail from other countries is opened by Canada Post

Tripod has a whole list of stuff you can't put on your web site. Now you may say well really would a big giant like tripod actually visit my humble site.  Somehow they know if you put anything on that aren't suppose to.  All this copyright has gone way to far. Could a big giant like Disney sue you for putting Mickey Mouse on your site? Are jokes copyrighted.  Can you pass down a recipe? Do authors sue the library because you can borrow a book for free. Can I get in trouble for giving books to the library so others can read them?

When ever they talk about free speech usually they are talking bout China. Well I don't live in China. I have never been to China, I most likely will never go to China.  I live in Canada, I have always lived in Canada. I most likely always will live in Canada.

Whenever there is talk about free speech in Canada its usually about Pornography or using bad language or wearing a swastika on your arm . This makes me angry because I am not interested in porn, I don't want to use bad language and a certainly have no desire to wear a swastika on my arm

I also don't want cameras following me everywhere. I am not going to steal anything. I want the right to say my leader is lying. I don't want to speak English all the time . I want the right to speak German and read a German newspaper if I want too. I don't want Canada Post opening my mail either. I want to like and hate people based on their character not their ethnic group. I want people to like or hate me also based on how they perceive me not my ethnic group.  And last of all I want to celebrate Christmas (not winter ) Christmas and I am going to send out Christmas cards this year. I don't always want to have family all the time.