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Counters by Wry/Ravenstar

In the mid 1980's times were tough. Everybody was losing their job and their  house. Around here there were more empty houses then occupied ones. Every time you pick up the paper there was more about foreclosures.  My son was going around the house squinting at everything. I knew he needed glasses but I couldn't afford them . We just got another letter from the Alberta Mortgage and Housing they were going to kick us out. then were would we live.  I got a pink slip saying I was laid off. Not surprising everyone was getting laid off. My husband was a courier he would sit in his car all day and maybe get one trip. A whole five dollars how far can we stretch that. I finally got another job working nights at a gas station.  at minimum wage. I stopped going to my doctor she always found things wrong with me that needed something I could not afford. What's worse is how people insult the poor. They and lazy waste money smoke drink take drugs etc. Nobody works as hard as the poor. Nobody can stretch a dollar father. Drugs come on I need some drugs but I can't afford them We got one channel on the T.V . CBC  I believe. We could watch political debates at the house of commons. It was then I discovered I hated Jenny Craig. Listen Jenny I am starving I have not stepped on a scale and I am too afraid to.  I am ugly my size 30 jeans are hanging on me my bones are sticking out. I would give anything for something to eat. My stomach hurt for awhile but now it has stopped hurting.  I am getting use to hunger. But there is the matter of my son's glasses. His birthday was coming up and I so wanted to get him a pair of glasses.  Just before his birthday the Lion's club came through for me . On his birthday I bought him a toy and gave it to him . Thanks mom he said. Oh but there is something else I said. I handed him the case with the glasses. He put them on. Oh mom Oh mom I can see I can see thanks mom this is the best birthday ever. I am glad son.

       My son got a summer job. We were in the mall one day and they were doing free eye exams.  You should get one mom he says. But why says I. Because I think you need glasses. Well son, I need a lot of things I think.  Glasses just weren't no. 1.  Well I got the eye exam it was free after all . I put my prescription in the cupboard.  Mothers day came my son bought me flowers and some chocolates thanks son I said. But there is something else he said. Oh says I.  He handed me a case inside was a pair of glasses. I put them on oh my gosh I could see. It was amazing. I know what its like said my son. This was the best mothers day ever.  I am glad said my son .