how to survive it.(Your job)

Sure you got to take the obvious safety precautions watch for falling skids and fork lifts. There are lots of physical health things to watch out for like breathing dust and stuff. However this is not what I talking about to day. I am referring to your mental health. How do keep it together and avoid a heart attack.

Some time quitting is not an option. Here are some things that work for me ( they may or may not work for you)

1. Keep Your Mouth Shut. Despite what it says in the newsletter the boss does not care about your problems. Besides you will only get your self in trouble. Yes I speak from experience.

2. Do what you are told. It doesn't do any good to argue. The only exception is if the boss asks you to do something dangerous or that will hurt you.

3. Concentrate on the job you are doing and do the best you can. Working fast kind of helps keep boredom away. Don't think about how many days till Friday or when is it lunch etc. Time will pass faster if you don't think about it.

4. When you get home don't think about work. or problems not for a minute.

5. The boss is not your friend nor your enemy. Just because your boss smiles at you don't go thinking he/she is your friend.

don't add your boss to your face book. But the boss is not your enemy either you both work for the same company and the company sucks. The boss probably has a boss and tons of stress so if she yells at you try not to sweat it.

6. Don't criticize your co workers they are in the same boat as you Don't report to the boss who isn't working or who is late. You could even  try to be nice

7. Don't work too much, the boss and co workers will try to make you feel guilty. What you don't work 12 hours a day or on Saturdays. Sometimes there might be part time work. The part timers are considered 2nd class. Don't think about it like that and don't feel guilty part time may be great for you. One day off will do you wonders you can use it to do housework.

8. Rest and relax Don't come home and start doing stuff and don't feel guilty. What you don't cook supper ??

9. Take up a hobby that you enjoy. Some people commit to something and it becomes a burden and another obligation. Relaxing hobbies are good.

10. Don't smoke or drink.

11. Save money Save money. You may think your bank account is fat enough as it is but if you quit or get fired and its not coming in anymore it may not be so fat.

12 If you work in a ware house give your brain some exercise. Its good for you.