The Hunt

You think you will always be at the same job, especially if you have been there a long time, work hard etc. You figure the person who just started may not be there long or the girl who phones in sick all the time. This may not be the case. You may suddenly find yourself without a job.

If things are changing drastically at work, all new management, new supervisors, etc. It is a good idea maybe to put in some overtime (don't go overboard) or save some extra money, overpay some bills. Invest maybe buy a bond. Things usually start at the top with management and work down to you.

As tempting as it is don't yell at your manager or call him names or say all the things you have always wanted to say. This won't do you any good and will come back to haunt you later. When faced with a situation it is hard not too.

Try not to get depressed. This is hard. At first when the shock wears off you can be optimistic. I will get a job no problem. However after so many resumes and no phone calls or no interviews or interviews that don't lead to anything you can easily become discouraged.

Sometimes you realize the job you had before is a lot better then some of these jobs out here.

Despite what it says in the paper about a labor shortage in Alberta and how easy it is to just pick up a job. You realize when you are out there it is just not true.

First thing you need a resume. This may be a scary thought. There are many places that will help you with this. You may need some professional help. Also many places on the internet to help, with the resume, the cover letter, the job interview etc. Don't lie on your resume at the very least this can be awful embarrassing at the most you can get into some trouble. 

You may want to consider your hobbies. Whether it is cooking or gardening or video games. Now I love to read so I have applied for a job in a book distribution place. They give you free books and magazines. It is a very nice atmosphere. I go back for my second interview to morrow. Wish me luck.


Research different companies on the internet. Find out all you can about them. You can also talk to people who used to work there. Keep in mind some people are just chronic complainers.  When you go for your interview see what kind of atmosphere it is. Do any of the people you see look happy.


You may need a job to tide you over until you can find a job. A temporary job is a good idea

To wait or not to wait (by the phone)  Well some places say we will call you and they have no intention of calling. I don't think you should keep calling them either. Some say in the ad only those chosen for interview will be called. We thank all applicants etc. This means if we want you we will call you otherwise don't bother us. Some say no phone calls please. Now the opposite can happen. A place you really want to work at is interested in you and they call a couple times and you are not home so you missed a good opportunity.

Double Jobs This is a rather bad situation. After a long time of no response you get response like crazy everyone is interested in you. This may leave you with some very difficult decisions to make. Sometimes when the last interview is over you find yourself right back where you started still no job.