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                                             my team joined with the Oceanics to become the Cassowari tribe. We are now divided into hemispheres and I am in the Southern hemisphere

Why I like the web league

1. Our team leader is the greatest. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be a team leader. She counts all our votes and updates the page soon. If you have a problem or question she gets back to you right away. She makes great awards that you can proudly display on your site . I think she deserves an award.

2. They show you an actual vote total rather then a score out of 10

3. They allow you to join any ve board or ve as much as you want. You can also join any other comp you want.

4 They do not discriminate.

5. After someone wins the finals 4 times in a row then they must retire. This is only fair because the same person will win all the time. The winner gets to fight in a fighter of the year. It must be fun to count the votes for that one. Sometimes they are only separated by one or two votes.

6. They take a break at the end of every month. You really need that break.

7. Our team leader gives us a leaden Haldis award for being beaten in higher comps and spirit points. The higher levels are really difficult. The conciliation award is very nice

8.There are no American flags or other symbols on any of the vote pages. No I don't want to see Canadian flags and beavers either or German flags or Dutch flags or Union jacks . ( you get the idea) Its fine for personal web pages but not for where you have to come to vote.


I am very pleased to have some great supporters.








I joined these cool ve clubs



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