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do you ever hear people talk. Visiting grandma is such an obligation and a burden. They are doing grandma such an emormous favor by giving up some of their precious time. And they don't want to hear the same old boring story over agian. What an arrogant atitude.
I was thrilled that my grandmother wanted to spend time with me. I was happy she wanted to share the past with me. and tell about things that happened before i was even born. Unfortuanely we don't know how long we will have our grandparents so every moment we can spend with them is precious. When you lose a grandmother you have lost a very important part of your life. This i discouvered when i lost my grandmother in Dec 1999 at the age of 98.

our seniors
every single one of us no exceptions regardless of race, ethnic group, religion or gender is going to get old. Now that we know that why do we treat our seniors so bad. They are abused, neglected, forgotten, they live in poverty. and well some times we just kill them. This is call euthanasia. Why not just call it murder. I saw a show on tv about nursing homes. An attendant was beating a 90 yr old man with a cane. Where is the love, the compassion the understanding. The same thing is going to happen to us. when we get old we won't be able to do the things we do now, like walk, see, think clearly. Thats the reason our seniors need compassion more then ever. Lets give it to them and hope it comes back to us when we need it.

my first job
do you remember your first job. Does " fries with that? cheese on that? sound all too familiar? I think you must be 16 in canada to get what could be called a job. I guess at 12 you can get a paper route could be called a job. When i was 16 we had government programs one was kitamat  but it was canada wide so your chances are slim and none. Ususally they send you to the jungle somewhere. We had school projects if you come up with something usefull for the community you send a proposal to the government. Well we came up with the idea of helping the seniors. providing services for them. the idea was accepted. I made $80.00 a week .
wow  the 18 year olds got 110 bucks a week. we helped with meals on wheels on wed, trimmed hedges, washed walls, weeded gardens, and some seniors are lonely so they just want to talk and show us pictures of their grandkids sure we have all the time in the world. best job I ever had. Mom says dad got $1 an hour putting caps on radiators when they first got married. yes i know and grandad got 35 cents an hour to dig ditches and here i get 80 bucks a week. for nothing.

At the end we must evaluate our experience and tell what we learned. I have come away from this with a greater understanding of our seniors one i didn't have before. i guess that was the whole idea.

the Phone company
did you ever try to phone the phone company? Its not easy. this month i have a problem with my bill. there are some calls on there that i did not make. so i tried to phone the phone company.

hello you've reached the phone company your call is very important to us(somehow I doubt it if it was why don't they answer the phone it is after all the phone company) For service in english press 1 for service in french press 2. In French i can say " where is my notebook" "it's snowing outside" Let me introduce Pierre and Suzette. Maybe i should stick with the englsih service. If your calling about this press one that press 2 something else press3 etc etc etc. If your calling about your phone bill press 7 . ok here i go. for residential service press 1 business press 2 residential it is. Please hold for the next availible service representative. lalalal dumde dum de dum. Hello this is Jennifer how may i help you. Listen Jennifer i have a problem with my phone bill . A problem with your phone bill you need to speak with Alice about that let me transfer you. Hello Alice speaking. Listen Alice like I was telling Jennifer I am having a problem with my phone bill. Oh you must speak to Bob about that click. she hung up on me. I phone back. Hello you've reached the phone company your call is very important to us.

ok ok I am not going to pay my phone bill this month I will see if Bob and Jennifer and Alice call me and if they do::

hello its me brenda your call is very important to me. If you want to talk to me in english press1. If you want to talk to me in german press2, if you want to talk to me in Klingon press3.  If your call about A press1 B press2
etc etc. If your calling about my phone bill press7.
Thanks for calling good bye. Please call again soon and have a nice day :)))