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   I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I was born in a small town (although its growing) called Orangeville Ontario.  
Since i was a kid i collected post cards and stamps. I collect mostly scenic cards from different countries etc. but i also love animals ones. I collect all kinds of postage stamps .
Reading is important to me i like to read. Learning to read is a hobby for me. I have learned to read german sort of and can write some things. Now i learning to read dutch . Learning to read is difficult but fun.
I was born in Ontario Canada my mom was born in Sask and my dad Ontario. My grandparents are english and french.
Canada is a bilingual country. (english and french) I took french in school like we all do. When i go to Quebec i can get along ok with the basics but as far a fluency in french i am far from it.
I care somewhat about animal rights so i have become a vegitarian since the new year. I can not talk about animal rights if i eat meat myself can i?
I like to go to movies sometimes last on was Birthday Girl. I like that one pretty funny.